December 02, 2010

Red and Green Christmas

House Beautiful has, well ....beautiful ideas online to use red and green for your Christmas decorations.  I love the festive twist they used in making different areas of the Greenwich home they decorated bright and very Christmasy.  Are you using red and green this Christmas?  I am!

Would you decorate with feathers? I'm not sure I would, but I do think this mantel looks interesting.

More photos at House Beautiful.


  1. So fun. I am a sucker for fun pops of color. I tend to that in one room and more classic in another {I might have decision making issues!}

  2. I haven't taken out our Christmas tree yet, it's very untraditional, blue and white, more cold and silver. so, this year, I may just go for the red, white and green!

    love this post!

  3. Wow-love that mantle with the tapered candle. The feathered mantle kinda reminds me of sesame street for some reason!

  4. Love the holiday decor ideas - very unique!

  5. I love house beautiful! They always have the best decorating ideas!

  6. Holy feathers! And those giant poms- sooo fun! I've never seen anything like those before!


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