February 10, 2011

Chic Coastal Rooms

This room makes me want to take a few days off from work........

Beach house charm.

White with pops of color.

Casual and fun.

Dreamy bed.....via Coastal Cabana

Love the staircase bookshelf.

How romantic is this bathroom?


  1. oh my! that first pic stopped me in my tracks! can't you just imagine the warm breeze while you lounge back with a cup of tea and flip through decor mags? and that bathroom with the shell sink? sigh....

  2. oh my goodness, that sink!!! That is awesome! I also love the map framed on the wall, I have been meaning to do that myself for a while :-)

  3. Such pretty images! This makes me wish I was at the beach.

  4. YES! Especially after the cold weather we've been having!!

  5. Oh my goodness- look at the water right there! How dreamy! Happy weekend!!

  6. Lovely inspiration, I love the bookcase in the stairwell too, but I imagine it would be a hassle to keep dust free =)

    xo Linda

  7. I also thought about the dusting of the bookcase behind the stairwell...as long as it is maintained throughout the week the dust won't get overwhelming. I've been trying that lately at my house and it seems to work. :)


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