February 09, 2011

Coastal Inspiration in the City {Sara Story Design}

In a few days I'll be jetting off to NYC with my girlfriends for 2 1/2 days. I'll be eating, shopping and walking through the beautiful streets, admiring the buildings, and wondering how they are decorated inside {yes, that's what goes through my mind}.  With that said, I was excited to find this designer over at Marianne's blog, Style For Living.  I loved all the photos and had to share them with you. 

Designer, Sara Story, moved to NYC in 2001 and has worked with prominent designers and now has her own design firm.  Her design has many ranges, but I particularly enjoy the coastal elements that she has created. Here is a sampling of her work in the city, from Fifth Avenue, Gramercy Park, Upper East Side, and lower Fifth Ave.


Do you have any suggestions for NYC restaurants or shopping?


  1. Gorgeous! Going to stalk her blog now!! If you love mexican food Dos Caminos is amazing, not to mention they have fabulous margaritas! The Waverly Inn is a cool place to grab a drink- if you are lucky you might spot a celebrity there. Last time I was in NYC we ate Bobby Flay's, Bar American and it was delish and I even ended up meeting him. Enjoy your trip! xoxo

  2. DROOLING. Such gorgeous spaces. Have a wonderful and safe trip. How fun. Will look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. I totally agree with Natalie above. Bobby Flay's restaurant in NYC is fabulous. The food is fantastic.
    Thanks for introducing us to Sara. Going on my list of favorites.

  4. Great pics! Totally jealous of you going to NYC... enjoy! You so deserve it!

  5. Have a ball in NY! If you like sushi, blue ribbon sushi is the best and most fresh sushi around. If you want something, fun new and trendy go to Mailino in the Grammecy Park Hotel, good food and fun atmosphere. SD26 is another cool fun hip spot, great food in the flatiron districtl. Then again part of being in NY is just roaming and happeing upon something new and unexpected which is kind of how we did it when we went to France a few weeks ago and it made it so much fun.
    Enjoy and safe travels!
    Stop by my blog for my first ever giveaway, a gorgeous french chair!

  6. Wow! Have a great trip!! Those pictures are beautiful.

  7. Oh my gosh, gorgeous. Love those open bathroom vanities.

    Have SO much fun in NYC, girl!! Take a tonnn of pictures - can't wait to hear all about it! xo

  8. Thanks for the mention! I just love Sara's work. Have a great time in NYC!


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