April 13, 2011

Chic Bloggers and Their Coastal Kitchens {Catherine McCord of Weelicious}

It's my pleasure once again to share with you another, Chic Blogger and her Coastal Kitchen.  Her name is Catherine McCord and she is the author of a food blog entitled, Weelicious.  I was introduced to her website through Gweneth Paltrow's newsletter, GOOP.  Since then, I visit Catherine's site often and get great tips on cooking healthy for my family.

As I watch Catherine cook delicious recipes with her kids in her entertaining featured videos, I can't help but be fascinated by her fabulous white kitchen in the background!  It's a dream and definitely fits into my idea of a chic coastal kitchen!  I contacted Catherine and her PR person and they were happy to send me photos of her kitchen to share with my readers.

Enjoy her lovely photos and that gorgeous kitchen of hers in the background.

I love the big windows in her kitchen and the large island.

Don't you just love the square marble tiles above her stove as a backsplash?

In her videos you can see that she also has windows on either side of her range.  Great design.

She also has a beautiful family.....

Thank you Catherine!


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  1. she certainly is chic and that kitchen is truly a divine example of the perfect coastal kitchen. :O)

  2. Thanks for sharing her blog Desiree, and her beautiful kitchen. Although, my girls are older...I am interested in her recipes as our youngest needs to eat a special diet due to her migraine headaches. I love all her healthy choices!

  3. You're right...those square tiles are awesome! Love her kitchen. She's just adorable, too!

  4. That is so neat you got these fabi photos!!! Her kitchen is amazing! :)

  5. Gorgeous coastal, chic kitchen! I will definitely check out her blog. I always need great new recipes! :)

  6. Gorgeous kitchen and gorgeous family:)

  7. Beautiful....looks like she loves what she does and thats whats most important..such cute kids. Love the kitchen too..its not so picture perfect that it looks like a showhouse..but like a REAL kitchen that is lovingly used and enjoyed by a REAL family. Great post...will go visit her blog now!

  8. Hi
    I love your blog. I'm putting this on my blog roll and then I'm off to weelicious.
    Best Carolyn
    Coastal blog in Sydney Australia


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