May 06, 2011

Cocoa and Hearts Launch via Made by Girl

Have you visited a new site called, Cocoa & Hearts?  Jen Ramos, a graphic designer and editor of an online shop and blog titled, Made by Girl, recently launched, Cocoa & Hearts.  This new site showcases her original artwork.  In just 3 days she sold more than half of her paintings and is planning on working on a new batch of artwork in various sizes.  Make sure to stop by all her sites and be inspired! 

This painting below is one of my favorite of hers!

Here is the lovely Jen Ramos, looking terrific in a summery striped dress.

Her artwork blends in beautifully with coastal objects as seen in this picture.


  1. Wow in just 3 days! Love the soft and pretty....what a great addition to a soft paletted room. Beautiful!

  2. I saw them yesterday, oh my gosh they are stunning - definitely on my 'to buy' list :o)))


  3. Thank you so much for posting about Cocoa & hearts! I will add you to one of the thank you postings! :)))


I love reading your sweet comments!

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