May 17, 2011

My Summer Beauty Essentials {Desiree's Picks}

Here are just a few of my everyday beauty essentials.   I just recently bought the new summer nail polish colors from Essie and love them!  The facial scrub is something my husband picked out for my son and I actually love it and use it every morning and night.  The Lancome skin care is new to me and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of results I get.  Has anyone tried the Lancome Genifique yet?  And, I have to wear the Neutrogena sunblock from head to toe when I run. 

Essie Minimalistic~a barely there pink

absolutely shore~a soft sea foam green


Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Scrub

Neutrogena Sport Sunblock


  1. A pale green? I would never have thought, but I am willing to try anything once. (well not anything but you know nail polish is pretty harmless :) a good exfoliator/scrub is super important in the summer and the almighty sunblock...amen to that!

  2. I haven't seen that green Essie color yet. Very pretty.. and I have been looking for a light pink like that, I might have to try that one :-)

  3. Great polish colors, very subtle and can go with anything. Love Neutrogena sunblock!!

  4. I'll be searching out that sunblock here in Dubai before I wrinkle up like a prune! :)

  5. Loving your picks! I adore the barely there pink (: Green is fun, too!

  6. Hi Desiree! I am your newest follower. I adore your blog and all of the cute things that you blog about!! I am a fan of Essie nail polish and I really like the barely there pink color. Keep up the great work!


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