May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Now

Happy Wednesday my dear friends!  I'm excited because my dad is flying in from Africa today and is going to spend a few days with the family and I.   He works in Nairobi, Kenya and has been on a few amazing safaris there with my step-mother and sister.  I'll have to share some of the photos with you when he gets here.  Wait until you see these amazing pictures!

In the meantime, I have put together a few things that I'm loving right now.  There's always something new to love!  Don't you agree?  Enjoy!


  1. This post makes me want to get away somewhere warm and the dress and the sandals..and the drink looks heavenly! I will take two :) So exciting about your dad...cannot wait to hear more!! Please share, sounds so exotic and exciting!

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures your father has taken in Africa! I love that outdoor shower, I wish I had room for one.

  3. Your blog is wonderful!
    I'm live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Nice to meet your blog and you.
    Good morning.

  4. Love that outdoor shower! I always love taking showers in them when we are at the beach. I would love a margarita right now....(ooops - it's only 10:15 in the morning here! LOL!)

  5. Would you be kind enough to tell me the brand of the dress and sandals. Also, I would love the margarita recipe. Thx so much!!!

  6. Would you please tell me the brand the dress and sandals are. I would also love the recipe of the margarita. Thx so much.

  7. Me oh my! What great picks. Love an outdoor shower, especially one as pretty as that. The maxi dress, J Crew sandals, and margarita make me want to take a vaca somewhere warm and sunny.

  8. LOVE outdoor showers!! So refreshing!!


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