June 10, 2011

Island Elegance ~ Ralph Lauren's Jamaican Beach House

This beach house that Ralph and Ricky Lauren purchased over 20 years ago is located near Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Their goal in designing this house was to make it as comfortable for their family in a luxurious setting.  Once renovated it has become more like a plantation home and a beautiful place where they love to escape to.

The beach house is “like being on a boat,” notes Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren
“The greenness of Jamaica is gorgeous. The air is very mild. It feels like a paradise. There’s a naturalness and ease of living. It smells like a beautiful place.”

This is one of my favorite rooms.

Ralph and Ricky live on the veranda.

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  1. One of my all time favorite ultimate beach houses!! So fabulous, elegant and true to Ralphs's flawless style. LOVE this!!

  2. what a fantastic beach house - oh to dream! :)

  3. When can I move in? Gorgeous. My favorite thus far.

  4. Ralph Lauren and his endless excellent taste!
    This house is wonderful.
    Congratulations on your post.
    Wish you a blessed weekend.
    Big hugs


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