October 24, 2011

Fall Favorites {Guest Post} Tina from The Enchanted Home

Words can not express how happy I am that Tina from The Enchanted Home is sharing her fall favorites with us today! I met Tina almost a year ago when we were both very new at this blogging hobby of ours.  Right from the start, I learned that Tina is probably one of the most sincere people you'll ever meet.  Her faith and kindness is contagious and I am blessed to have her as a blog pal! We visit eachother's blogs everyday and always make time to leave comments.

Tina, her husband and her three sons are almost ready to move into their new home and it's breathtaking! You must stop by and take a peak! She does a beautiful job taking pictures and showing her readers every nook and cranny of her newly built home that is yet to be decorated! Yeah! More fun awaits us all!  Thank you T! xo

The Enchanted Home

I am sooo happy to be here with Desiree and at one of my favorite blogs, Chic Coastal Living, where life is all about happiness, beauty and chic living! Its always like a breath of fresh air and isn't she just the best and sweetest? I will not talk about how jealous I am though of her many 13 mile runs, actually "in awe" is the better word!   Anyway when she asked to talk about some of my favorite things for fall, I jumped at the change as it might be my favorite season. So here we go...
Fall Foliage

Perhaps my most favorite part about fall is taking in the majestic fall foliage. Seriously does it get any better or more beautiful? Lucky for me, the northeast has some of the most spectacular fall foliage, so for me, taking Teddy for a long walk on a brisk fall day taking in the glorious changing of the leaves is the best way to experience fall. I can imagine a more beautiful way to celebrate this fabulous season than a long walk under a canopy of the orange, rust and green magic.
A great fall outfit
Comfort and warmth are important but I also like looking chic and classic. I like to include a great equestrian print scarf, a chunky wool or cashmere sweater, my new "fall color" for nails is Essies' "jazz",  a great pair of brown riding boots, skinny jeans or pants and a beautiful distressed leather bag for every day use….I will add a jacket when needed, a down vest or my trusty cashmere cape for extra warmth.
Fall candles

Fall candles in beautiful scents. I like lighting candles year round but something about them in the fall makes it feel awfully cozy.  I have many favorite brands of candles, and like to bring in a richer, heartier scent during the colder months. A few l like and recently discovered are the Agraria line of candles. Two scents I love that are great for the fall are the Balsam and the Golden Pomegranate. Also love the woven cane holder! And the second line is Nest and really like their pine-woods-cinnamon spice Holiday candle...its yummy! Candles also make the perfect hostess gift if going to someones home during the Fall holiday season.

The Holidays
The holidays.....what's fall without Halloween and Thanksgiving? It's like popcorn with out butter and salt, the fall just wouldn't feel the same without the blessings of the wonderful holidays! It is a  time to spend with loved ones eating delectable homemade dinners with little attention to schedules and running all over the place. Its a time to spend at home doing the things that we love like board games, reminiscing, watching old family movies, and old favorite flicks that have special meaning, and then of course there are the leftovers!
Comfort foods
Who can deny the appeal of comfort foods especially in the colder months that fall and winter bring? When I think of being "stuck" inside all day because of a brutal snow storm or dipping temperatures, I cannot help but think of whipping up decadent delights like mini chicken pot pies, homemade apple pie, soups and chills served in a  sourdough bread bowl, and of course hot chocolate with marshmallows has to be included! Yes this IS the season for comfort foods!
Thank you Desiree!
Well everyone those are some of the things  I love about fall. What do you like? Do you have any favorite traditions? Wishing everyone a wonderful fall season wherever you are! And thank you Desiree for having me...it was fun and now I am REALLY in the mood for fall....bring it on!


  1. Oooooh this post makes me SO excited for fall! Now if only the leaves would start turning in Austin... xo

  2. Tina,
    You make everything look amazing! Fall is such a beautiful time of year.
    One chicken pie, please!
    Have a nice day.

  3. Gorgeous post!! Those pot pies look heavenly! I love the Enchanted Home!!

  4. Love Tina and her style so I am surprised at how many beautiful things she included, but I still enjoyed it.Love the outfit and her idea of comfort foods, sounds good to me.
    Sadly we don't get much changing of the leaves down here, but I would love to take a trip up north one year to see it. It is so beautiful. Thank you for this, it was such a pretty way to start my day.

  5. Sorry I meant I was NOT surprised at how many beautiful things she included, a total typo.

  6. Tina, I think you hit on all the highlights of Fall for me too - comfort foods, leaves, holidays - and I'd love to take it all in in style with that great outfit! (although I'd have to watch the amount of comfort foos to fit into it. :))

  7. Tina covered all the senses. SEEING the beauty of nature, SMELLING scented candles, TASTING delicious foods, TOUCHING luxurious fabrics like cashmere and soft leather (awesome outfit) - and if you follow her blog, you know she HEARS & LISTENS well too :)

  8. Such a beautiful post! Tina has covered my favorites too. I also love sitting in front of a fireplace listening to the wood crackle.


  9. Loved this post~Tina has a way of making everyone feel welcome. Tina, loved the outfit, esp the boots and the cape!!

  10. Can it be fall here now!! I wish I could see some of that fall foliage, it looks so beautiful (don't think I will experience that here in Texas!) And it still reached 80 degrees here today!! Maybe I will indulge in one of those fall scented candles you mentioned to get me in the spirit!

  11. I love Fall. Sweaters, boots, tights...my favorite. And it finally cools off here in South Florida so we get a break from the hot weather.

  12. Yes indeed, the pictures were all beautiful but I was particularly drawn to the little chicken pies.

    The outfit was very cool too. I was in Chicago this past weekend and there were some very chic looking woman walking around with their boots, scarves, and jackets.

    All the best, Cindy

  13. Looks lovely, Tina! I want to reach in and grab that sweater, the boots...and the hot chocolate!
    Happy Fall!
    Barbara at The Treasured Home

  14. What a great post from Tina! She has an amazing style!

  15. Love it all! I truly enjoy Tina's sophisticated style and casual approach to it all.


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