October 04, 2011

Jennifer Lopez's Chic Hamptons Home

Jennifer Lopez will be spending more time in the Hamptons now that she purchased this $18,000,000 beautiful home in Water Mill. The home is 14,000 square feet, has seven bedrooms, nine and a half bathrooms, a pool and may I add....a gorgeous view. 


  1. So its true, huh? Lots of rumors were floating around, but now I see its official! Well lucky lady..its a beauty, I am sure with the right touches and the right designer, its going to look like a showplace in no time....hum, is this her bachlorette pad?

  2. That is some kitchen island! And I love that the tub is made of the same marble (?) as the floors. Yum.

  3. Oh! Beautiful.
    I'd like to see this house decorated.
    Wish you a fantastic week.


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