November 13, 2011

Five Things

I forgot just how wonderful this time of the year can be...and getting beautiful inspiration for my blog is an added bonus.  The Aspen ski chalet above has to be my all time favorite winter home that I've come across since I started blogging 13 months ago.  I could easily post it everyday! Everything about it says chic! While the chalet made my favorite home of the week or season, there are also a few small things that have caught my eye lately...actually many things (but I...reluctantly will stick to only five for this post).  I hope you have a relaxing and fun filled Sunday, as you prepare for a great week ahead. Much love! xo, Desiree

{These Thanksgiving dessert plates are too darn cute!}

{I'm a chic flick girl and I recently recorded The Proposal on my DVR.  Can I tell you?  I watch it almost everyday or at least a snip-it of it while I'm folding clothes.  You can imagine that I'm folding clothes everyday (for hours it seems) with three boys who play sports.}

{Simple. I'm ordering these earmuffs pronto!}

{Love my new Thanksgiving pumpkin dressed up with feathers.}


  1. The ski chalet is off the charts! I love that the design of the space doesn't trump the view of the mountains. I'm guessing this ski chalet is not a permanent residence. I always prefer less is more in a home that isn't resided in full-time, especially if I'm the one cleaning it (wink!) Hope you are having a great weekend. XOXO.

  2. That house is quite fantastic. Whats not to love about a chic ski house. I loved The Proposal, my husband not so much. How gorgeous was THAT house? Happy holidays to you.

  3. Desiree, that view is to die for. Of course you would want windows like that to take advantage of the scenery. I was noticing that they used roller blinds on an outside mount. For anyone who is into that kind of thing, there is a new product out there called Qmotion. It operates on batteries.

    The dishes are very cool. The wood table, the linen clothe, and the glass of wine--what's not to love?

    You've got me thinking about skiing now and I need to be thinking about work. Anyhooo, have a wonderful day.



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