November 21, 2011

Interview at The Enchanted Home

The Enchanted Home

I'm delighted that Tina from The Enchanted Home has asked me to be a part of her very popular series...Behind the Blogger.  Tina and I have really created a fun bond, due to the fact that we have so many things in common that we love, more importantly our family and the beautiful gift of having three boys! She's quite talented at decorating and loves sharing her fun finds with others, lives in the Big Apple and has a heart of gold!

While you're visiting her will want to peruse the photos of her beautiful home she is building with her husband! Tina share's all of the little details from start to finish and soon she'll be moving in! You won't want to miss what she's picked out for the interiors! Just fabulous!

Thank you Tina! You're the best!

I hope you can stop by and see what I had to share with her readers!
Here are a few pictures of her new home!


  1. Tina's is one of my favorite blogs, I'll stop by right away.

  2. Hi Desiree, I just read your interview and it was great!! I told Tina we should start a club, Mother of Three boys!!! Mine are quite a bit older, but trust me I could relate to just about any story a Mom of three boys could tell, Have a wonderful Tday with your family at the Keys,
    xo Kathysue

  3. I love Tina's blog - off to check out your interview!...

  4. Fantastic interview! So fun getting to know more about you. I grew up with 3 brothers!! Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. What a wonderful interview you gave, my husband is also a marathon runner so I have the utmost respect for the commitment and dedication it takes to get the job done and you have earned those nachos and salsa:-) You sound like a very "real" and grounded kind of person and I am really happy to have found you and your blog. Happy to be a new follower.
    Love Tinas blog too, such an amazing person and such a beautiful home that shes building. You two are a great duo!

  6. Great interview~loved learning more about you! Kudos for the running thing, I wish I could get into it~I am a retired tennis nut. Love Tinas blog and friendship as well. Congrats on the feature.

  7. Hi Desiree......THANKS SO MUCH for coming on over today an gracing my blog with your pretty face and winning personality. Everyone loves you as I suspected they would and for those that didn't know you they were so happy to get to know you and disocver your super chic blog.
    You are a special light in the the blogworld and I am happy to count you as a "friend" (a real friend not a virtual
    All the best, and thank you again...XOXO

  8. How exciting for you! Heading over now to check out the interview. Her home is gorgeous!!

  9. Hi Desiree! So nice to meet you from Tina's blog. You have such a great style and I can't wait to see more!


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