November 17, 2011

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving...

Woodland Turkey Dinnerware Collection

By now, I'm sure many of you have already made plans for Thanksgiving and are anticipating eating a wonderful dinner with your family.  My family and I are going to be spending it in the Keys and I'm looking forward to making a few dishes to bring down with us. One of the dishes, is this mac and cheese recipe that I found on the Williams Sonoma website.  It's truly amazing!  That's the actual name...Truly Amazing Mac and Cheese!  It has 3-4 different kind of cheeses and I'm sure not good for the waist...good thing I'll be running that weekend, because this girl can eat!  If you have any special recipes you would like to share please do so.  Thanks!

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  1. What a beautiful table!! Casual enough but still elegant. I will have to check out that recipe because thats my oldest sons most favorite dish!


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