November 03, 2011

November Bits of Inspiration

When I started my blog, my intent was to post about beach houses and other wonderful things that I love.  In the fall and winter months, well....there aren't too many beach beaches out there in print and online to write about and I'm missing my beach house posts. Lately, I have been so in love with clothes and accessories and I'm having a ball dreaming up collages of my favorite things! Thank you for stopping by and checking out what I have to share! My readership grows everyday and I appreciate your interest in my blog!  Here are bits of inspiration that I love for the month of November...

You can check out more at A Bit of Inspiration tumbler..


  1. Ok I love all of these! Especially the first picture and the ballerina :)

  2. So much to love...especially those crepes and pumps...and love the tray on the bed. Keep it up. So much fun.

  3. That's a balcony with a view! Really can't imagine how great it would be to have a cocktail or two & dinner up there <3 another two favorites are the beautiful white kitchen with splashes of color & the dreamy bedroom! oxoo

    - Urska @ Live.Create.Inspire

  4. Love it all....and thats what I think keeps us interesting to our readers, changing it up and most importantly being honest about what we are loving, not feeling like we have to stay within the confines of a rigid box in terms of what we talk about or post...keep doing what you do...becuase I like it!

  5. Love the Balcony Picture. would love to be there :D x


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