November 28, 2011

Winter Stripes

Is anyone else loving the fact that stripes have been highly coveted all year round?  I love the fact that I've been able to wear some of the stripey tops that I wore last the summer...clear through fall and now into winter.  Recently, I decided to treat myself to two new long sleeve stripe tops from here and here and I'm looking forward to wearing them with my new animal print scarves that I purchased on Black Friday.  Now, if only the temperature would just drop! 

Love these boots with this outfit!

Fur and stripe! Great look!

Need I say more? Sequin and stripes!


  1. Me too :) The only problem is I accidentally end up with 5 of the almost-same-top on my wardrobe!!! :)

  2. I'm with Amy R. - I can't.get.enough!


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