January 03, 2012

Five Things

Excited to start a new year!

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Hello January!
Hello gifts, hello cold, hello family days, hello family lunches and dinners, hello study hello tests…

It's my birthday month and I'm going to be 41! Feeling more like 31...

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I'm going to pick up my new iPhone today!!!


  1. Congrats on your upcoming birthday. I feel a whole lot younger than I am, too! Looks like your year is off to a great start- xo Diana

  2. I like the 5 thing movie..
    Happy new year !!!

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday month!! I've been 41 since July and it's not too bad :) Cheers!

  4. Yay for a new iPhone! So much fun! And there is no way you are 41! You look 25!



  5. Fancy little movie Desiree!! Enjoy your iphone, there is a leanring curve but I know you are going to love it....I will send you a great link to get a really neat case if you want! 41 you are a spring chicken! Happy early birthday...

  6. How fun is that movie...and 41 is a great age...wishing you all the best in 2012!!

  7. Well you don't look 41 at all! I always forget how old I am and then feel shocked when I remember! After all, I have been 41 now for 4 years! LOL! By the way, you will love that Iphone! I got one about a month ago and am totally loving it! Of course my 8 year old and 5 year old knew more than I did on it but I am learning! Cheers to you!

  8. You seriously do NOT look 41 my dear! Happy Birthday!!


I love reading your sweet comments!

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