February 24, 2012

It's Friday and Giveaway!

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Good morning and happy Friday to you! My husband and I went on a quick dinner date last night to a local Mexican restaurant and discussed all of the things that will be keeping us busy the next few days. Our boys have about 3-4 activites each day this weekend and we agreed to just enjoy every minute of it! They are growing older by the day and we really don't want to miss out on our blessings.  So with that, I hope that you enjoy your weekend whether it's going to be busy for you or not...:)

You may know by now, I always look forward to my Friday morning coffee with my girls at work...it never fails... everytime we walk in the door we each sigh with relief that we're together and that it's Friday!

I also wanted to remind everyone that my giveaway ends today!  I will be announcing the winner late, late this evening! Have a great Friday!



  1. You are so right to enjoy your time with them now. They grow up way too fast. What a wonderful thing to look forward to on Friday mornings. We are off to Jacksonville to watch our daugther coach her volleyball team. Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love your attitude of enjoying every moment of your weekend. Staying in the present.

    Wishing you continued joy and thank you for reminding us

    helen xx

  3. So true, I have a busy household too and we always have tons of weekend activiites..from my friends with older kids, they always tell me to enjoy and savor it so even in the chaos I always try to remember that.

  4. I agree about enjoying every moment. Some weekends we are so busy my head is spinning -- not with OUR activities (mine and my husband's) -- but with our daughter's activities (she's 15). But I am savoring it, because in 3 1/2 years, she will be at college and I will be broken-hearted. So YES, let's enjoy these times with our munchkins.

  5. So true!!! My youngest is now a Freshman in college...and I miss him!


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