February 27, 2012

My Favorite Oscar Gowns

This pretty mint pastel was on the top of my list.  Love all of the detailing on top and the open back.

Simple Oscar dress in purple. Love it!

What I love most about this dress is the COLOR!!! That's probably the most beautiful red I've ever seen!

I know this is super bright, but I love the yellow and the gorgeous shape of this dress!  It probably would have looked prettier in all yellow.

Well there you have it, my thoughts on the dresses for last night's Academy Awards!

Happy Monday!


  1. Love the first two, love the color of Emma Watsons dress but dont' care for the styling..overall wasn't totally entrhalled with the dresses, I always feel like THATS the best you can do, but a few looked fabulous and I never saw the first two here but both are gorgeous! Happy Monday

  2. Beautiful! We missed most of the award show since we were traveling, so I am loving catching up.

  3. That first dress is GORGEOUS! I'm working my way back to blogging so I'll be by more often going forward. :)

  4. Watching the pre-show is my favorite part of watching the Oscars most years. I love your choices, but also MUST add in Cameron Diaz's white dress ... or was it Gwyneth Paltrow. I don't remember, but it was gorgeous!

    This year had a lot of classics and it was beautiful.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com


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