August 11, 2012

Five Things...

A CUP OF JO: The Best Fries You'll Ever Have (Belgian-Style)

{something I would love to eat every day...home made French fries}

J.crew Intiq For Jcrew Mochila Bag in Blue (brilliant blue)

{this gorgeous Mochila bag...soon to be delivered}

{I waited and waited and finally made the glad I did! These shoes are fabulous!}

Beach House kitchen...white

{in case you missed it this week on the blog...perfect white kitchen and gorgeous stools (see similar here}

Gingham Apron

{new gingham apron for fall baking}


  1. Oh- Home made French Fries...gotta love those! And I LOVE those shoes- xo Diana

  2. You are killing me with those fries...and sea salt? the blue gingham apron too, so cute!

  3. It seems we speak the same language! I love blue and white, even that brand of sea salt!!

  4. Love the blue and white but most of all love, love, love those bar stools!



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