August 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Now...

1. Collection Jeweled Collar Sweater 2. Everly Suede Pumps 3. Flower Lattice Ring 4. Candy Shop Necklace 5. Robinson Small Dome Satchel 6. Matchstick Cords 7. Classic Leopard Ballet Flats 8. Nicky Top 9. Polka Dot Scarf 10. Marquess Fleur Bracelet 11. Leather Round Buckle Belt 12. Biennial Medium Satchel 

Hi Everyone!
I'm still here...busy, busy, busy with back to school and all.  I hope you're doing well and enjoying your last summer days!

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Look what's happening over at J.Crew! another sale....with an extra 30% off the sale prices.



  1. This jeweled collar sweater is soooo adorable!

  2. LOVE the bags!! And those cute leopard flats. So many pretty pieces. :)

  3. I love everything on your list ... especially the brighter colours!

  4. Wow I literally love every single piece, loooove that sweater, the leopard flats and the darling bags.....gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  5. LOVE your style. Guess I'd better head over to the sale!

  6. Loving all your picks! So glad my sister told me about your blog. Newest follower:)!

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I love reading your sweet comments!

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