September 15, 2012

Casual Breezy Elegance...


Ahhh it's Saturday...I just had two cups of pumpkin spice coffee and I'm revved up to blog and head out the doors soon to go shopping!  Before I go out and spend money, I wanted to share some images of a traditional, yet casual beach house located in Massachusetts, that was inspired by Diane Keaton's Hamptons beach house in the movie, Something's Gotta Give

If you're like me...
You've seen the movie at least three hundred times. Memorized each and every accessory, piece of furniture, and light fixture, down to the placement of all of the nautical accessories and shells. You've even searched online, as to where you could find the gorgeous ceramic egg holder Diane held while she was making pancakes in the kitchen one night with Jack Nicholson.  When Jack was suffering from a heart attack on her guestroom floor, you were admiring the gorgeous seagrass rug and imagined having one just like it in your home....

That's me and how I think 99% of the time...beach house, beach house, beach house

and the great news is...
We are all being blessed by the creative interior design genius of Something's Gotta Give once again with the design of this home. What I love about coastal designed homes is that you always feel like you're on vacation. 

I want to feel like that everyday...

Happy Saturday

living room


sun room


pool house

pool and pavilion

images via Coastal Living


  1. What a gorgeous view! The kitchen is gorgeous and those bar stools are perfect.

    The pumpkin spice coffee sounds sooo good! Hope your shopping trip was a success!

  2. Hi Desiree,

    I, too, have been indulging in pumpkin spice lattes these days. :-) And yes, I've been seeking that "vacation feeling" even though I just had a long summer vacation. I have read in your previous posts that you're a teacher too. What do you teach? I teach highschool Phys Ed and English. I also have a coastal blog to fulfill my creative side. I'd love for you to stop by and check it out.


  3. Ahhh...that house just makes me melt! I am not ready for fall yet!

  4. Am in love with this house!! Total perfection, that first picture is such an inviting space!

  5. Do you know the brand/manufacturer of the striped bed linens? Tres chic!

  6. Love the blue/turquoise touch decoration!

  7. Love those barstools and that you're admiring the decor in the movie while Jack has a heart attack - so funny :) Congrats on the Home Goods gig -- so well deserved Desiree! They made a great choice!

  8. What an amazing home!! When can I move in? ;) Jo x


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