October 17, 2012

Lines in the Sand...Los Cabos Beach House

I love it when I find a gorgeous beach house to share with you! This Mexican vacation home is owned by a family from Seattle.  The owner, being from Washington, craved sunshine and fell in love with the culture and the language that Los Cabos had to offer.  This magnificent home is modern and has a soft warm contemporary feeling with a Mexican twist.

Every square inch of this home has a view of the ocean...


Here are my picks for a beach getaway this fall...


  1. I cannot even imagine living in such a beautiful home. I am now jealous!

  2. Seriously???? I want this house!!!!!!! OMG I would become agrophobic if I lived there, I swear I would never leave, I would become a compulsive bookreader and just sit on that deck gazing at the ocean with a cool drink by my side. LOL.....just a dream!! Hope you have a wonderful day sweetpea.

  3. I could definetly spend a few nights here! It is an amazing house. Fall just started and now I am already craving more sun and heat! - Tonya

  4. This place looks like heaven on Earth! Absolutely stunning, thank you for sharing these beautiful images :)

  5. Very beautiful and serene!



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