November 14, 2012

10 BEST:: Winter Beach House Accessories

 1. Teak Seating

What I love about finding inspiration for fall beach house decorating is that there are still beautiful choices out there even though most of the inventory in the stores right now are geared towards the fall and winter. I've scoured the internet to look for the perfect beach house pieces that would make any home happy and I've decided that I would be thrilled to be the proud owner of any of these chic beach house accessories.  What do you think? 

2. Kew Dhurrie Poof...everywhere I go I see gorgeous poofs! This one just happens to be my favorite...

3. Hand-Painted Dotted Dinnerware...these would make the perfect gift!

4. Bohemian Sparkle Pillow...for the glitter lovers out there. Ikat on one side and glitter on the other.

 5. Grey Ombre Velvet Pillow...adding a chic velvet pillow is great way to bring in some warmth to a beach house in the fall.

 6. Aqua Ombre Velvet Pillow...another color to choose from.

7. Border Stripe Blankets, Throws and Pillows...I would use two red striped shams for a guestroom (very cozy).

8. Hudson Parsons Slipcovered's almost a necessity to have something slipcovered in a beach house.

9. Reclaimed Wood Pine Round Table...every beach house needs a round wood table.

10. Verismo Coffee Maker...when you are a beach house you will need to relax, so make sure to brew yourself a latte!

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  1. I love that poof and blue is my favorite color for decorating. I find it most soothing!

  2. The poof and the dinnerware!!!! I am in love! Thank you for posting them.

  3. I love the poof, but that espresso machine is really looking good.

  4. Love that poof and those pillows! Look so cozy. Would also love to have a beachhouse to escape to right now from the chilly northern temps!


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