January 28, 2013

A HomeGoods Happy Room Make-Over

Happy Monday! I am so thrilled to show you my HomeGoods room makeover! It's been about four months in the making and it finally happened this past Saturday when I wrapped up my first photoshoot! If you are hearing for the first time about my collaboration with HomeGoods, let me give you some history. In early September, I received a message from a PR person respresenting HomeGoods telling me that HomeGoods was a big fan of my blog and that I was chosen to be a featured blogger for their new online quiz, Stylescope, designed by interior designer and TV host, Taniya Nayak. I re-read the message about 10 more times until it sunk in.... What? HomeGoods, one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world wants to put my blog link on their site? I was so excited and jumped around the kitchen and into my husband's arms!  I feel humbled and honored to have been contacted by them and have enjoyed my many chats with my new PR friend. Along with adding my link to the Set Sail page of the Stylescope Quiz, they wanted to give me $1000 to re-do a room of my choosing with a Set Sail theme. With many trips to HomeGoods and a pumpkin latte in hand each time, I found gorgeous pieces to create a beach theme in my family room. This has truly been one of the most exciting projects I've ever done! I lost count how many times I visited the two stores in my town (I know! I'm blessed to have two stores nearby), but each time there were new things in their great assortment of coastal accessories and furniture. Here are a few photos...okay MANY photos I took of the room. 

The wicker side chair ($99) is from HomeGoods and I thought it would be perfect to use as a desk chair, as well.  I'm on a HomeGoods lookout for a narrow desk to put in this room on the side wall near the armoire.

...all of the accessories on my Williams Sonoma Home coffee table are from HomeGoods, except the tray and books (and the fresh hydrangeas are from Whole Foods).

I am so happy with the way this family photo wall turned out! The frames, basket, floor candle vase, large candle, seahorse, mermaid and all of the beautiful faux coral are from HomeGoods!

The pom pom throw is c/o Serena and Lily.

All of these accessories are from HomeGoods. I love the blue frame! It reminds me of something Tory Burch would have in her Southampton home. So glad I picked it up right away! The ship wheel frame was perfect to house a beach picture of my hubby and I. I'm loving the blue coral and buoy...all HomeGoods! 

The Ralph Lauren hurricane, candle and shells are all from HomeGoods!

This coral collection is from HomeGoods! Just some of the many pieces of coral I purchased from there! I couldn't get enough of them! Some are even on glass bases! Those were $34.99 and would have cost me $150 in higher end stores! Same exact look, but much lower price...thanks to HomeGoods!

This corner is my favorite! I bought that lamp about three years ago and did not have anywhere to put it, so when I saw this side table ($150) I hauled it to the register and paid for it right away! The new gray look that's so stylish now is exactly what I was looking for in a side table.

I bought a bag of sand from Home Depot for $4 and filled this Ralph Lauren hurricane and the standing vase near the wall of frames. Hurricane, candle and shells are from HomeGoods.

Love this angle...and those hydrangeas were perfect for this room. Flower vase is actually an ice bucket from HomeGoods, but I used it here as a vase.

I love blue and it was nice to incorporate many shades in this room by using fresh flowers and different colored accessories. 

This is the view of my family room looking in from the living room...

The living room is another story, I really need to work on that next.

...all of the accessories on the end table are from HomeGoods! The lamp is old and those clam shells I found in the Hamptons this past summer.

I ended up using an old nautical tray of mine.  When I was done with this room last Saturday, I saw some great trays that I could have used instead at HomeGoods...but I ran out of money by that time. I did take some photos of them and will share them with you in another post. The trays at HomeGoods were the same color as the hydrangeas...

These navy and white nautical pillows really set the tone for this room! They were $16.99 each, which was a steal! I, of course put all the navy ones I could find in my cart right away! Since my slipcover sleeper sofa is an off-white color and the coffee table cover is bright white, these bright white pillows tied them together perfectly. 

It's so nice to watch TV and see some of my favorite family photos. It's exactly what I envisioned when I started this room...

I took the top doors off of the armoire to make the illusion of a built in.  It actually really opened up the room and made it look bigger.  If I kept the doors on, the frames would have been obstructed. I thought the turquoise seahorse would compliment my framed seahorses.

Here I am, making last minute touches to my Set Sail room...

Here are some before pictures:

Many of my readers, friends and family know that I love white, but this room was way too boring...

The gray wicker side table is from HomeGoods! Yeah, I was so happy to incorporate some gray wicker in this room!

My sofa. The two lamps, seahorse prints, drapes and curtain rods were purchased from Williams Sonoma Home a few years ago.  

I added an 8x10 natural fiber rug that I purchased from West Elm. HomeGoods had one that I missed out on... When you see something you like at HomeGoods, my advice is to put it in your cart right away! These rugs are very popular, especially this time of the year!

...getting my frames ready to hang.

Originally, I was able to find nine of these matching frames from different HomeGood stores that I visited. The good news is, last Saturday I said to myself..."Desiree, take one more trip for this room and see what you can find", and I found 3 more frames and was able to put six on either side of the armoire!! Yippee!! Each  frame cost $12.99!! 

...by the way this armoire was a hand-me-down from a friend.

Love my seahorse platter from HomeGoods! Another perfect compliment to my seahorse prints...

There is it! What do you think? I would love to know...


I'll have another post with some finds at HomeGoods that you will love...stay tuned!


  1. The room looks amazing! I just love Homegoods...I think I am in that store every week! Congrats and great job!

  2. i'm OBSESSED with HomeGoods too! - i was just there yesterday and bought up the store - i'm their best PR rep - haha - i tell everyone - GO TO HOMEGOODS ... how AWESOME you got linked to them *dream* .. and ur place is adorbs!

  3. Gorgeous! The room looks so cozy and tranquil; I love it!

  4. Desiree the room looks great! Can't believe how many great finds from Home Goods...well yes, actually I can believe it. You did a great job! How fun to be featured on HG website...congratulations!

  5. Oh my goodness.... you're living my dream! I always say if HomeGoods shopping were an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist! I'm there way too many times a week, but I love seeing what's new. It's kind of an addiction. Love your room. You did a fabulous job. The picture wall is wonderful. Enjoy!!

  6. What a fun, lovely room! My first visit here, look forward to browsing your blog.

  7. Gorgeous room! Great job! Great Blog! Cheers

  8. Really lovely! Headed to HomeGoods to see if I can find some of the items; especially the ship's wheel frame.

  9. Love it! The tray is so pretty and I really like the RL hurricane lamp with the shells. The wall of pictures is gorgeous and I'm loving your pillows!

    Looks fantastic!!

  10. Wow! You so nailed it and can decorate my beach house any day!! I loooove what you did and consider you the expert in chic beach house decorating. Love the navy and white, so crisp, clean and elegant. Well done....you did Home Goods proud!

  11. It is amazing!! I love the blue and white. Such a classic and never goes out of style. Makes me want to own a beach house!!!

  12. Beautiful room! Blue & white makes my heart sing. Homegoods is such a great place to find real treasures. Their prices just can't be beat. Kudos to Homegoods buyers & your talent putting all together!!!

  13. It is beautiful. I am now going to redo our beach domain.

  14. Wow- Your room came together beautifully! HomeGoods has never looked so good. It is classic and timeless and I love it! GREAT job!!!! xo Diana

  15. Very nice. Came out great. Love all the seahorses. And the coral stem pillows are great. Makes me want to run out to Home Goods and check things out.

  16. Your room looks gorgeous! I really love the framed wall of family photos. You did an amazing job!

  17. The room turned out so pretty! Love my Homegoods! ~ Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  18. All the details are great. I love the prints on the pillows...so cute!!

    - Kaitlyn

    Willow & Ash GIVEAWAY

  19. Oh my goodness! It turned out absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the coastal theme! You are so lucky!! Congrats girl:))!

  20. The room looks stunning - I especially love the quirky cushions!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  21. Great job pulling it all together, I have been following you on pinterest. My husband an I moved down to Miami from the NE a few months ago and you always post great decor and clothing ideas! Thanks so much!

  22. so exciting to work with homegoods (LOVE them!) this room turned out fantastic - you should be so proud!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  23. What a fun collaboration!! I too adore HomeGoods! So many of my favorite things in my home are from HG! I'm probably lucky it's not closer to my house or I'd be in so much trouble! You did an amazing job here, the room looks so high-end! I think my favorite find of all is that fab blue picture frame!

  24. The room looks beautiful! Makes me want to run out to the beach! Great job, I'm sure your family will enjoy too!

  25. The room looks beautiful! Makes me want to run to the beach! Great job, I'm sure your family will enjoy it as much as you!

  26. Love what you did with your room! HomeGoods is a great store! I visit often and have found some really great pieces for my home. Congratulations on your room and for being noticed by HomeGoods! Your blog is great!
    @ the beach

  27. Love, love, love blue and white.... my whole house is blue and white! Looks great! You could also hang your beautiful upper armoire doors as art on the wall to the right when you are looking at the TV -- use them for more snapshots by hanging the pics with some white painted clothes pins on the louvers. :)

  28. Love, love, love blue and white! It looks great!!! My whole house is blue and white in one way or another. You can also hang the armoire doors that you removed on the wall adjacent to the TV wall (to the right of the TV when you look at the TV from the sofa) -- you could use white painted clothes pins to display photos on the louvers of the shutters. :)

  29. I love, love, love, love, LOVE your design here!! Pinning all of this as inspiration for when my husband and I start renovating our Oahu townhouse!

  30. Went to home goods today in St. Louis in search of the coral blue pillows. None! I was so excited. Love them. They did have some navy grain sack looking ones I bought but I am still on the hunt for the coral. How long ago did you buy them? This landlocked girl needs some sea in her newly refinished basement!


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