January 17, 2013

Instagram Lately...

{one of the photos from our trip to Palm Coast, FL}

{Enjoying a hot latte on a cold evening with the family in old St. Augustine}

{didn't need my bathing suit to hang out on the beach...just my winter gear}

{still love my crystal lamp bases from Restoration Hardware...}

{my bedroom}

{towel stacking in the guest bathroom...it's how I roll}

{finally decided to give up the J.Crew shoes boxes...I did keep the pink one}

{organized my closet for my birthday...}

{finally bought a new bag! love it...}

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  1. Very impressed with your organized closet. That is a project on my list. The first beach picture is beautiful.

  2. I love those lamps. I sooo need to clean out our closet!! I purchased a new Tory bag, and am loving it!! I keep forgetting to check instagram on my phone! LOL

  3. great look inside ur world!

    PS – my friend is gonna be on Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo TONIGHT come check it out on the bog :o)

  4. Loving your blog! Impressive organizing of your closet and I love your bedroom photos.

    Two questions if you don't mind...what is the name of the Tory shoes on the top shelf in your closet? And do you know the name of the fabric of the blue and white pillow on your bed?

    Many thanks if you have time to answer :)



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