January 03, 2013

Instagram Lately...

Good morning everyone! I've been up early checking out all of my favorite blogs while sipping a (gigantic) vanilla latte. Thinking about the new year brings me much joy...there are some exciting things that are happening around here, including milestones for my family and I pray that The Lord continues to bless each endeavor. I'm also excited about my birthday that is just around the corner...I guess I'm grateful that I am healthy and able to enjoy my family and this blog of mine.  I feel that I am finally able to express myself in a way I've always wanted to and I'm so glad that I have friends to enjoy this journey with me! Here's to a wonderful 2013! God bless each and everyone of you! 


P.S. I took a few Instagram photos of my week so far...they include many shots of sunrises (notice, no two are alike), NYE prep, shopping trip to the J.Crew Factory store (can't wait to share with you what I purchased) and the best beach fire we ever had...thanks to my boys! 


  1. Great pictures. Finally getting on Instagram. Had the app forever!!

  2. Great pictures and I hope you are having a great week- My daughter does a ton of Instagrams- xo Diana

  3. Love seeing these all again (after Instagram.) Such a gorgeous way to start 2013! ~Lindsay

  4. These are beautiful pictures! Sounds like a wonderful start to 2013! So happy for you! :)


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