January 09, 2013

Long Island Sound Beach House


Happy Wednesday everyone! Here is a beach house for you!

This modern house is located on the Long Island sound has as all ocean-facing bedrooms and sea inspired furniture. Beautiful massive views and a grand expansive deck allows the homeowners to enjoy  this sophisticated getaway. Click here to see more.


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing it! May I make one teeny correction? (because I'm a pain that way)-
    The Sound is not the ocean..it's an estuary of the ocean, a different body of water.
    I love your coastal posts, because I too love the beach, the water, and coastal design!

  2. Gorgeous! It's 34 degrees and starting to snow here.. We have a long winter ahead.

  3. Well...wherever it is.....where do I sign and how soon can I take possession? xo Diana

  4. oh my goodness. Sign me up for a vacation and take me there! so pretty!


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