January 07, 2013

My Top Ten Things To Do in 2013...

Hi everyone and thank you for the sweet birthday wishes! I had a great birthday and I'm still enjoying the"Happy New Year" feeling around here and thought of some things I would love to accomplish in the year 2013.  I enjoyed reading other bloggers resolutions/goals and many have touched my heart and some had me laughing out loud! It's fun to peer into someone's personal space and see what's important to them. Now, if you were to ask me to come up with a list tomorrow, I promise the list would have some new things to try! So here are ten things that I want to do in 2013 as of today...

What are your goals...big or small?

{spend more time relaxing and being still}

{organize my ever growing brush collection in stylish little jars}

{enjoy more meals outdoors}

{plan a 20th anniversary weekend getaway with my man}

{bake my first yummy brie and share it at our next family gathering}

{keep up with my home mani and pedis}

{prepare my bathroom with new white towels for spring and summer}

{invest in some new lip shades especially this one}

{work on firming my backside}

{think of this everyday...all day}


  1. Looks like a good start to the year to me- xo Diana

  2. Love the list. And thanks for making my brie a part of it....I am honored:) You will not be disappointed. I have all kinds of resolutions so am trying to tackle them slowly and realistically.....working on backside (and frontside) a big priority!!

  3. I'm sure all your wishes will come true.
    More outdoor dinners are on my wish list too.
    Have a nice weekend.


I love reading your sweet comments!

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