February 26, 2013

Easter Pastels...

I already started decorating for Easter and love everything pastel. One thing I would love to do is hang these adorable egg ornaments on some branches. 

These almonds could double as decorations and treats.


  1. Easter, the sign that spring is on its way! I try to avoid using too many candies so I dont try to eat them all. Those almonds would be so gone. I like the willow branches and all of the colors. We still try to have a family easter egg coloring party just like when we were kids. -Tonya

  2. You're so ahead of the game! I need to start decorating for Easter as well. Thanks for sharing the inspo.

    Chelsea & The City

  3. So pretty!! I love Easter and all its beautiful soft colors..makes me wish for spring!

  4. I cant believe its almost Easter....I love all the pretty colors.


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