February 25, 2012

Five Things...& Giveaway WINNER!!!

{I can't get over this gorgeous beachy chic room in Tory Burch's Southhampton home...I love the wallpaper, the lamp, all of the blue and white porcelain pieces and the woven furniture. Simply gorgeous!}

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{This is the kind of outfit I could live in everyday}

{working on my collection and love these great looks}

...and last but not least the winner of the FACE for J.Crew nail polish....drum roll please!


True Random Number Generator10

***please email your address and I will mail it out right away! Congratulations!

*****One more thing I wanted to share is that yesterday my son had a jazz competition (he plays the sax) and his jazz band earned 3 superiors for their performance! They were so incredible, I cannot even begin to describe how perfect they sounded! I am so proud and happy for his school, the band teacher and all of the kids who performed to the best of their ability! God bless them all! I wish I could play music on my blog, so that all of you can hear how well they played!  Now...today we have two baseball practices, one baseball game, Race for the Cure walk-a-thon for three hours, travel team picnic, baseball function tonight and my older son is working on a paper for his AP English class that's a tremendous amount of pages long! ....let's just say, I'm having a few cups of coffee today! Have a great Saturday and I want to thank all of you for stopping by my blog! You really make my day extra special!



  1. Love that room! Target has quite the collection of colored bangles this spring!!!

  2. OMG you have such a busy day....I remember those times....actually fondly. Enjoy it, pace yourself and be sure to have tons of coffee as backup:) I love that room too, makes me happy and I can imagine being there on a rainy day with a cup of coffee, some great magazines or a good book or just playing scrabble with a friend! Fun....have a great weekend!!

  3. That sun room is amazing. Congrats to your boy!

  4. WOW! First of all, what a busy day you're having ... you've earned the coffee ;)

    Secondly, BIG CONGRATS to your son!!

    And last of all, yes the room is amazing! I used to think I'd LOVE to live in such a fancy house, but the older I get, the less I want such luxury. I much prefer a mid-size coastal cottage. My motto is "Living Smaller to Live Larger". Less things, more experiences. But yes, her home is gorgeous!

    Lesli @ Beautifully Coastal


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